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100% Sculpt

Low impact/Big Payoff.
These TWLA sculpt workouts fuse the best parts of pilates, strength training, and dance based toning exercises to leave you feeling long, strong, and sculpted.

  • Abs + Ass
  • All Mat
  • Full Body
  • Shred
  • Slow Sculpt


50% Sculpt
50% Cardio

Get ready to SWEAT with our signature 1/2 cardio 1/2 sculpt workouts. These classes are high energy / high impact and are programmed to give you everything you need for a workout that’s hard AF.

  • Cardio sculpt
  • Circuit Sculpt
  • Dance + Sculpt
  • HIIT + Sculpt


100% Cardio

Working out has never been so fun with our TWLA Cardio + Barre workouts. We’re here to help you bring out your inner dancer with classes ranging from dance cardio to rhythm based HIIT to barre to even heels!

  • Dance Cardio
  • Dance Choreo
  • Circuit/HIIT
  • Barre
  • Heels
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Meet Your
Hype Girls

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Sculpt, Sweat, Slay Everyday

“Minimal equipment. Maximum joy alongside maximum results! Thanks to The Workout LA I have never felt more proud of and in tune with my body. I grew up as a dancer but gave up the studio life in college. Thanks to Nicole and Ashley I’ve rekindled the joy I never knew I could get back moving my body. Since starting TWLA in 2020 it has become a crucial part of my physical and mental health. I feel confident, strong —and sweaty as fuck — anytime I do a TWLA workout. Be it in-person, live-streamed, or a recorded class, they’ve made it amazingly easy to get The Workout LA high!”
Veronika Wuest (Los Angeles)

“I’m sooo happy I found TWLA a few years ago. It’s made such a huge impact on my confidence, my body, and my energy levels. If I ever need to kick my butt into shape I know for certain TWLA will get me there in the least amount of time. ROI = HIGH. Plus, it’s actually really fun…so fun you will find yourself busting out TWLA moves while you’re drunk in Vegas (true story). Grateful for this workout for making me feel sexy and powerful—truly a blessing as a woman in this world!!"
Kat Kozlowski (San Francisco)

“Working out with TWLA has changed not just my physical appearance, but how I feel about myself from the outside, in! Dancing and sculpting with Nicole and Ashley is an infectious experience, they are approachable, fun, vibrant, hilarious and make working out something you want to do. Waking up at 7am with them daily during the pandemic was what I would look forward to (and I’m not a morning person) and now getting to enjoy that experience in person is a game changer. This is the ONLY work out that has ever gotten me in the bets shape of my life and I’ve tried them all, even after rolling my ankle and having to take 4 months off of high intensity work outs, my muscle definition stayed and I still looked just as in shape many months later. Their work outs and who they are will keep you coming back for more!
Jesse Goddard (Los Angeles)

“No other workout I’ve tried has given me results as quickly or has been as fun, which has made staying consistent with my fitness routine so easy (a loyal subscriber for 3 years and counting!) While the classes are definitely challenging, I love that Nicole & Ashley never sacrifice form, so I know I’m always being kind to my body :) I also have to mention their 10/10 playlists… every class is like a party and another reason I genuinely forward to every TWLA workout!”
Sharina Tiamzon (Los Angeles)


The majority of our workouts use:
  • 2lb ankle weights
  • 3lb hand weights
We also have workouts that use:
  • a chair
  • gliders
  • pilates ring
  • 5lb and 10lb weights
No equipment? We also offer workouts that only require a mat! All our workouts can also be modified to use no equipment.

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