two trainers one of left in twla baggy crew neck sweatshirt with tennis racket in left hand and trainer on right smiling in twla crew neck sweatshirt leaning against fence
two trainers in outside gym trainer on left in cutout leotard leaning on equipment trainer on right standing up in black leotard with hand on other trainer

"Reminding you to own your sexy, sweat to fit your mood, and enjoy it along the way."

Creating a space for those that want to shamelessly feel and be in their bodies, no matter their mood has been our mission since we created TWLA in 2020. We felt we desperately needed a space where you can safely meet yourself where you are while working hard in a sustainable way to get to where you want to go. 

As former professional dancers, we understand the confidence that comes with feeling connected to your body. Our class is designed to tap into your instinctual connection to rhythm and movement while challenging your strength and endurance.

Everything we do is to unapologetically celebrate who you are while championing where you want to go. We believe you can be “all the things” - confident, vulnerable, powerful, feminine, strong and sexy.

We have immense gratitude for all of you that show up everyday for yourselves. We hope to help you on your lifelong journey of loving yourself through dedication, sweat and fun. We will invest in you whatever you want to invest in yourself.

xoxo, Nicole & Ashley